History and Future of Construction Virtual Assistant

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History and Future of Construction Virtual Assistant While secretaries and receptionists originally started as low-level positions in corporate America, their role has dramatically evolved to an impactful and jack-of-all-trades role in today’s workforce. In fact, even the term “secretary” or “receptionist” is outdated by today’s standards, with the term executive assistant or administrative assistant being […]

Essential Construction Administrative Assistant Skills

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Essential Construction Administrative Assistant Skills Virtual Construction Assistants is always on the hunt for the best and most talented construction administrative assistants we can find. Many don’t realize that the administrative assistant role requires a wide range of skills and characteristics that are key to their success and the success of the company they work […]

How Hiring a Construction Virtual Assistant Will Boost Your Business

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In today’s digital age, outsourcing help to virtual assistants is a common practice. But it’s a newer concept that some companies are exploring to give their business an extra boost. Whether you’re running a small independent firm or a major corporation. Hiring a construction virtual assistant is a great — and efficient way — to […]

Qualities Of The Most In-Demand Administrative Assistant in Construction Company

Finding quality help can be challenging, especially when looking for an administrative assistant for a construction company. Administrative assistants are so much more than just your secretary or scheduler. They are an extension of their supervisor and a representative of your company. Ensuring you can hire the right fit is crucial to your business’s success. […]

Virtual assistant for a construction company: most common tasks

Working as a virtual assistant for a construction company is different than the same position elsewhere. It requires a general knowledge (and passion) for construction. In your day-to-day duties as an administrative assistant, you will likely come across a variety of tasks and projects to manage like:  Communications Bookkeeping Organization Marketing Scheduling Vendor Management Research At […]

How to Empower and Delegate to Your Construction Administrative

  Communication and trust are key to building happy employees in any business, but especially in the construction industry. No employee likes a micro manager or left wondering what they should be working on. Creating an empowered workplace starts from the top down. However, building this type of company culture and delegating efficiently in a […]

How to ace your virtual construction assistant interview

As today’s workforce shifts to incorporate remote work, there are a lot of benefits to hiring a virtual construction assistant. Working virtually can mean lower overhead costs like office space, while still finding quality employees to assist with clients and projects. If you’re beginning to interview candidates to work virtually for you, there are some […]


Nowadays, with the evolving frames of workspace there has been a steady rise of remote work staffing which is commonly referred to as Virtual Assistants or VA’s. The Construction Industry which has been one of the most affected during the pandemic has also seen a tremendous boom in recent years. That is why there has […]