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As Construction Company Owners we face a variety of challenges in our industry. One of the biggest challenges we face is finding the best talent for our company’s needs. The challenges we face today in finding good Estimators, Project Managers and other Administrative Support Staff has been riddled with setbacks making it harder and harder to fill these positions.

Where some people view these as setbacks, Virtual Construction Assistants views this as an opportunity to bring creative and open-minded solutions to the table. Thus, the idea of having remote Virtual Construction Assistants came into fruition.

How does a Construction Company find and attract talent while lowering overhead and without compromising quality? Virtual Construction Assistants provides the solution.

We provide creative and open-minded solutions to help Construction Companies succeed.

About our founder


joel lipsky

Virtual Construction Assistants was founded by Joel Lipsky and is based out of Long Island, New York. Joel is a graduate from the University of North Florida and holds a degree in Construction Management. Post-graduation Joel worked for large scale construction companies such as Turner Construction, The Haskell Group, Elkins Construction, and the United States Department of Defense as a private contractor before moving back to New York to join the family General.

For the last 15 years Joel has had the opportunity to work in many different areas of the Construction Industry and has worn many hats. As a business Owner Joel can understand the feelings of being overwhelmed and can relate to the feelings of frustration that are often plague construction business Owners and their staff.

Where some people view these as setbacks, Joel and his team view them as an opportunity to bring creative and open-minded solutions to the table.

Contact Joel and his team today for a free no risk consultation to learn more about services.

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