Virtual assistant for a construction company: most common tasks

Working as a virtual assistant for a construction company is different than the same position elsewhere. It requires a general knowledge (and passion) for construction. In your day-to-day duties as an administrative assistant, you will likely come across a variety of tasks and projects to manage like: 

  • Communications
  • Bookkeeping
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Vendor Management
  • Research

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we can go deeper than the general administrative assistant tasks. We find your team knowledgeable experts in construction-specific categories like an estimating assistant, assistant project manager, shop drawing draftsman, and more. We specialize in roles that are specific to the construction industry, ensuring you get top-notch support for your business. 

No matter what kind of construction administrative assistant you’re looking for, we can help you find a fit. Here are some of the most common tasks you can expect a virtual assistant for a construction company to complete. 


Administrative professionals in any industry should have excellent communication skills. But in a virtual environment, being able to communicate clearly and efficiently is crucial to the role’s success. From basic instant messages to in-depth emails, administrative assistants should be able to articulate their messages in a way that’s easy for supervisors or clients to understand. Most companies look for administrative assistants that can type at least 60 words per minute with high accuracy. 

Outside of digital communications, administrative assistants need to be confident and comfortable answering or making business phone calls. With so much communication done online these days, it can be difficult to find an administrative assistant that illustrates the best in customer service via the phone. But whether it’s a client or an employee, being courteous and professional in all communications is a much-needed skill.


In smaller companies, it’s not uncommon for administrative assistants to also help with some of the bookkeeping. This task requires keen attention to detail and familiarity with financial software like Quickbooks or Excel. This could involve processing payments, sending invoices, or ensuring all expenses are tracked accordingly in the construction industry. Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your business, hiring an administrative assistant to complete these tasks can be more cost-efficient than hiring an entire financial team or accountant. There are simple online courses they take to ensure they are up to date on any skills needed.

Virtual assistant for a construction company Organization

Historically, an essential function of administrative assistants has been to help keep their bosses and the business organized. While that still holds true, organization in a virtual setting takes on a different meaning. If you’re a virtual assistant for a construction company, you might organize product orders, manage shared documents, or track progress on construction projects. While simple on the surface, keeping a business and its projects organized is key to its efficiency and success. A skilled virtual assistant will have a proven system in place to help stay on track and organized.


A skilled administrative assistant should also be able to help with simple marketing tasks. These include social media management and email campaigns. These usually involve tactical execution like posting on your Facebook, pressing send on a targeted email campaign, or pulling analytic reports on your social media accounts. At Virtual Construction Assistants, we help find a virtual assistant for your construction company that knows SEO management, social media strategy, creative content, and digital marketing. By hiring an administrative assistant, you won’t need to build out a full marketing team to complete these tasks.

Virtual assistant for a construction company Scheduling

If you are overwhelmed with meeting requests and organizing your calendar, a virtual administrative assistant can help. Most administrative assistants are responsible for coordinating the calendars of their managers or other leadership teams. This ensures they are able to fit in everything they need to accomplish throughout their days. From scheduling conferences to helping plan luncheons or happy hours, an administrative assistant can help organize your calendar. Don’t stress anymore over your calendar, and let your virtual assistant take care of it for you! 

Vendor Management

The more complex your business is, the more vendors you likely have. Each vendor requires communication, coordination, and management to ensure they’re adequately providing services and fulfilling their contractual responsibilities. In construction, managing the relationships and coordinating with vendors is a key task for administrative assistants to help with. They help procure different software, ensure invoices are paid and keep track of orders for supplies and office equipment. Vendor management is a critical function of an administrative assistant and one that will keep you efficient throughout your projects. 

Virtual assistant for a construction company Research

Administrative assistants excel with assistance on basic research projects that involve online research. Since admins are usually meticulous and pay great attention to detail, they can accurately research information for you and organize it in a way that is easy to understand. This saves tedious hours of work and allows time for digesting any information that is presented quickly. Research could include things like gathering contact information for prospective clients, researching competitors, pulling data reports, or sourcing potential content for your marketing initiatives. While your team might not have to spend pulling this information, hiring a virtual administrative assistant will help you quickly get your research completed. 


At Virtual Construction Assistants, we know that your time is valuable and often limited. We’re here to help. We can help you hire skilled administrative assistants to keep your business running smoothly and ensure you can spend time on the critical tasks at hand. From generalized admins to specialized virtual construction assistants, we have a wide range of talent sources to get you the help you need. Contact us today to get started!

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