Nowadays, with the evolving frames of workspace there has been a steady rise of remote work staffing which is commonly referred to as Virtual Assistants or VA’s.

The Construction Industry which has been one of the most affected during the pandemic has also seen a tremendous boom in recent years. That is why there has been a rapid increase in remote staffing; people who can offer construction services like estimating support, document control, construction administrative support, drawing review and analysis, construction bookkeeping, submittal management and other similar services can all be facilitated by a team of remote workers otherwise known as Virtual Construction Assistants.

Virtual Construction Assistants are a bit different than your usual Virtual Assistants. They do a lot more specific-based tasks and processes that are usually found in the Construction Industry. Virtual Construction Assistants are usually qualified Engineers & Architects with field experience who are looking to work from home for a variety of different reasons. Just like General Contractors hire Subcontractors for the work performed in the field, a company can hire a Virtual Construction Assistant for their office administrative work.

Construction Virtual Assistants can help be the support arm of your company by providing specific project-based services and allowing you to focus on other areas of your company. Construction Virtual Assistants also saves you a lot of money compared to hiring a full-time employee that could take time and effort with training and upskilling. Not to mention, that there is also a risk of losing productivity from training a full-time employee versus allocating the same time to other areas of your company.

A Virtual Construction Assistant (VCA) could be the next step to upscaling your construction company and here are a few reasons why.


Let’s state the obvious, that hiring a Construction Virtual Assistant, would save your company around 50% overhead costs annually compared to having the same person working in your office. Working with Virtual Construction Assistants will also help eliminate the need for office space, thus eliminating another overhead cost.

Aside from saving money with Virtual Construction Assistants, Business Owners can save an incredible amount of time since there is little to no need to teach or train these workers since they are already highly experienced and skilled. The majority of the time these remote workers are educated in either Architecture or Engineering and have several years’ experience.

As we all know being in the Construction Industry requires an extensive amount of time and effort for any Business Owner, so being able to push back on any time spent on recruiting, hiring, training, or mentoring and instead hire a candidate with experience definitely eliminates a tedious process and therefore saves time and money for the company. This time and effort can be allocated to other areas of the business that will promote growth.

The implementation of these Construction Virtual Assistants into your company will allow your organization to take on more work with a more streamlined and efficient process.


Construction Virtual Assistants take great lengths to understand what the company needs for them to accomplish. They have previous working experiences and have educations and degrees such as Construction Management, Engineering, or Architecture.

With a wide array of capable Engineers and Architects readily available, you can quickly find someone suitable for your company’s needs and immediately implement them into your organization. Company Owners can rest assured that Virtual Construction Assistants are able to provide quality output knowing that these remote workers are experienced professionals in their respective fields.


These Engineers and Architects have previous experiences working in different firms and companies, possibly in the Construction Industry or other industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Government, or other similar industries. Knowing that these candidates have already been exposed to different backgrounds can prove to be a valuable asset to offer their Clients.

Virtual Construction Assistants offer a wide array of expertise and skills such as estimation, QuickBooks accounting, shop drawing drafting, construction customer support, administrative assistance, quantity takeoff, submittal coordination, construction documentation, and many other administrative skills. Knowing you have these skill sets at your disposal from your Virtual Construction Assistants will help with whatever construction tasks or support your company needs.


Repetitive workload and lack of productivity are usually at the forefront of a company’s demise and downfall. By delegating these diverse and repetitive tasks to experienced individuals, it can give company Owners and Managers an opportunity to ease the load off themselves and focus their productivity on the company’s growth.

This inline would offer a proper framework and order for the company. By being able to hire these professionals, you’re able to streamline and cut down on less important processes and create an updated and more integrated system for your company. Virtual Construction Assistants offer an increase in effective processes within your company’s organization and would create effective communication to all parties.

Having remote and online Construction Assistants can also provide a smoother customer support system for your company. Having a well-oiled customer support system in place should be a basic principle for company growth. Since these Construction Assistants are also experienced in providing customer support and administrative assistance, they are capable of handling most administrative work and can help assist with a wide variety of tasks such as quantity takeoff, bid proposals, submittal management, document control, and even payroll or accounting.

Overall, there is a wide variety of tasks a Virtual Construction Assistant can offer to a Client. That’s why General Contractors, Subcontractors, etc should consider these services for their organizations.