An estimating assistant helps in aiding the estimating department with all aspects of the bidding process as well as assisting in the estimate preparation. An estimating assistant should be able to read, interpret and organize construction plans and specifications with reasonable accuracy and confidence. The construction process relies heavily on proposals provided by vendors or subcontractors, and an estimating assistant should be able to ensure that the proposals being received from the Subcontractor or Vendor are accurate. They should be able to organize the proposals received from vendors and ensure that all items are being covered. Estimating assistants are also required to excel at math and other mathematical fields, such as accounting. They are expected to be proficient with numbers and work quickly with calculations. It is also important to note that estimating assistants handle a lot of computer software and in turn need to be tech savvy.

Estimators are frequently under time constraints when meeting deadlines, therefore they must be able to multitask, prioritize and perform effectively under pressure. They aren’t typically observed on the job site, but they should be able to operate independently and use good judgment during estimating.

Lastly, every estimator is required to be skillfully detail oriented. It is their responsibility to make sure that all scopes of the project are included in the estimation and all items are properly accounted for.


An estimating assistant holds a high responsibility and an important role in the construction industry. The main responsibilities of an estimating virtual assistant are:

The responsibilities may seem excessive, but the estimating assistant is a key member of the estimating team. Companies must look at the estimating assistant as an essential part of the estimating process.


An estimating assistant’s work is difficult because they must possess a wide range of skills. As we know, estimators are highly skilled individuals who must be able to multitask. Other skills required by estimating assistants to possess include being detail oriented and possessing excellent communication skills. For their job role, estimating virtual assistants will likely communicate with a variety of people and vendors so good communication is key.

We can conclude that an estimating assistant has a lot of room for increased responsibility and career advancement. This can be beneficial to both potential clients and the company. Estimating assistants frequently advance to other senior positions in the construction industry because of their skill set.


Estimating assistants are the backbone of a construction company’s estimating team. Estimating assistants do all of the background tasks including takeoffs, obtaining vendor proposals, etc. This in turn will allow more output of bids to take place and ideally increase the success rate of winning projects.

Estimating assistants provide security to the estimating team by ensuring that all projects they handle are accurately computed. The final outcome results in a well put together and accurate estimate.