What does a Construction Administrative Assistant do?

What does an Administrative Assistant

Hiring a construction administrative assistant for your company can unlock a world of benefits for yourself, your team and your business. When you add an administrative assistant in construction company, you’ll find that your team’s productivity can increase. You’ll be more organized, and you’ll have a trusted partner to rely on for a variety of projects.

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we help our clients find top-notch administrative assistants that can drive results. You might not realize everything that a construction administrative assistant can do for your business.

Let’s dive into the real benefits of adding a construction administrative assistant in your construction company.

Responsibilities of a Construction Administrative Assistant

As an executive in the construction industry, you and your team have a lot on your plate. But hiring a construction administrative assistant can make sure that your team is organized and efficient, ensuring that the job gets done right and on time. They’ll help:
Coordinate Schedules
Whether you need help with scheduling your team or coordinating your construction project managers’ own individual travel arrangements, a construction administrative assistant can help you solve the everyday puzzle of coordinating schedules.
Keep Track of Budgets

A construction administrative assistant in construction company can track and updating budgets for your projects. This is to ensure you are responsible for keeping labor costs and materials down, filing expense reports, and adhering to the budget and tracking all expenses related to the project contracts.

File Management

Having a clear and organized structure for all your data entry is important. Including your invoices, payroll, records and project files, they can help you find what you need, when you need it. A construction administrative assistant in a construction company is a skilled organizer and can create a system that works for you and your project managers.

Marketing and Communication
When you hire a construction administrative assistant, they can become the first point of contact with your clients, vendors or other external partners. They can ensure you’re maintaining and growing key relationships through marketing and communication tasks like:
Registering for Trade Shows
Don’t miss an important industry event where you can meet other vendors and increase your brand awareness. Your construction administrative assistant job description can include researching these events and making sure you don’t miss an opportunity to attend.
Responding to Online Reviews
Your site and public perception is crucial to getting more business. Your administrative assistant in construction company can provide administrative support to ensure you gather reviews from previous clients and monitor your site for any negative reviews.
Phone and Email Communication
Answering phones and responding to emails is crucial communication that your construction administrative assistant can help with. Having a dedicated person to answer any incoming phone calls and emails can save companies around you time and provide valuable customer service.
Managing your social media
Being visible on social media is important for your business, but it takes time. Having a construction administrative assistant do that work can free up time without sacrificing your marketing.
The accounting and bookkeeping part of your business is crucial to tracking your growth, receiving and making payments on time, and keeping your business organized.
If you’re looking for accounting help but don’t have the budget or need a full-time accounting team, a construction administrative assistant can help. Here are some standard tasks we see our clients get help with:
Sending out invoices and tracking down payments
A construction administrative assistant can send out invoices to your clients and keep track of all payments submitted for your construction projects.
Paying bills on time
Making on-time payments for your bills, employees, and other vendors is crucial to keeping your business in good standing. But for companies with so many moving parts, it can be hard to keep track of everything. A construction administrative assistant can manage these due dates to ensure all pay requests are paid in full and on time.
Tracking bank and credit card statements
Administrative support when it comes to record keeping and management of your credit card and bank statements can help you stay organized and on top of finances.
Helping with taxes
As tax season approaches, your administrative assistant can ensure all the paperwork is gathered, all data entry is correct and then submitted to your tax advisor.

Benefits of Hiring an a Administrative Assistant in Construction Company

Once you hire a construction administrative assistant, you’ll see the countless benefits of adding this role to your team, including:

Saving time

With the help of a virtual administrative assistant, you’ll have time back in your day to focus on strategic priorities.

Better organization
Even in a remote environment, your administrative assistant will have excellent time management skills to keep you and your team organized with a system and process in place.
Improved communication
Your inbox won’t go unanswered anymore. An administrative assistant can help you stay on top of essential communication and inquiries. You’ll spend less time weeding through the nonsense and more time communicating with your important customers.
Increased customer satisfaction
With a dedicated administrative support role to help with any customer inquiries, your customers will feel like their business is a priority.

How to Find the Right Person

The key to success with a construction administrative assistant is finding the right person to fit the role. Let a construction administrative assistant make your life and your work easier. At Virtual Construction Assistants, our team is here to listen to your needs and to find the perfect candidate to help.
When we begin the search for a rockstar construction administrative assistant, we’re looking for someone who is a great communicator and can work independently without constant direction.
The goal is to find someone who can seamlessly integrate into your organization, acting as a project manager for all organization and process needs. They should be confident managing multiple tasks on a wide range of technology since they’ll work remotely.
After we understand what you’re looking to accomplish with a construction administrative assistant, we’ll interview and search for the right candidate, helping you save time. Then, we’ll present you with the final two candidates to review with your team.
Throughout the whole process, we’re here to support you with onboarding assistance, performance check-ins and more.

We Can Help You!

A construction administrative assistant is a valuable asset to any company, and our goal is to help you find the perfect one for your team. Whether you need a project estimator or a virtual accountant, we have a network of qualified candidates ready to work for you.
If you’re ready to see how a construction administrative assistant can help you grow your business, reach out to our team at Virtual Construction Assistants today to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.
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