Enhancing Your Business with a Virtual Assistant for Construction Industry

In today’s fast-paced and competitive construction industry, finding talented employees to run your business is crucial to ensure you succeed. Many executives are unaware that hiring a construction virtual assistant is not just another admin to answer calls or schedule appointments — although they are capable of doing that!

As virtual assistants, we help our clients hire do so much more. Whether we pay invoices, apply for permits, or run bookkeeping, our team’s construction virtual assistant can elevate your business to the next level and liberate your valuable time for strategic projects.

If you’re wondering how assistance in the construction industry can boost your business, read on to learn about the benefits and how you can leverage this position.

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What kind of work can virtual construction assistants do?

Companies hire a construction virtual assistant as an individual, usually on a contractor basis, to work remotely. Also to help with a wide variety of tasks for the business. Since they are remote workers, they’ll work virtually from their own homes to help you complete any projects or tasks.

If you’ve never hired an administrative assistant for your company, it can be helpful to understand what exactly they do and the kind of tasks they can complete. Whether you’re running a small, independent business or a larger global organization, a person in this position can execute a wide range of tasks.

Some common tasks include:

● Bookkeeping: A virtual construction assistant can utilize digital bookkeeping methods. This is to keep your business on track with its accounting and finance. This ensures your employees and clients get paid on time, and all invoices are accounted for.

● Data entry: Don’t spend any more time meticulously entering in data for your projects. A virtual construction assistant can keep your records up to date by entering data for you.

● Digital marketing: Even specialized tasks like digital marketing can be completed by a virtual construction assistant. Whether you need help maintaining your social media presence or sending out newsletters, we can find a skilled applicant to get the job done.

● Email management: Is your inbox stressing you out? Let a virtual construction assistant organize and keep your inbox up to date. You can spend less time sorting through emails and more time responding and communicating.

● Research – Admins are often hired to assist in online research for general projects. Whether it’s pulling previous building permits or understanding tax records, they can alleviate the tedious tasks of your project management.

While these are some common areas virtual assistants can help, there is really a wide range of skills. Thanks to their generalized knowledge and great attention to detail. Let us know if you’re looking for assistance with a specific task or area. We’re skilled at finding the best virtual construction assistants for your needs.

What are the benefits of a construction virtual assistant?

Countless executives across the industry have discovered the immense value that a virtual construction assistant brings.

More time to scale the business

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a virtual construction assistant is you’ll have more time back in your day to focus on critical strategic projects. With less time spent in spreadsheets and answering phone calls, you can boost your business with the added help.

Only paying for what you need

Your team might need extra help but doesn’t need a full-time employee on the books. A person in this role is considered a contractor. Therefore, they’re only paid for the hourly work they complete. This can be a great benefit if you’re hoping to keep costs low while still add a role.

Improve processes and procedures

When you hire someone for this position, your entire company can benefit from their expertise. Since they are often extremely organized in their work, they can help improve your overall company processes, helping to streamline and improve efficiency in your organization, record keeping, communication practices and more.

Better customer service

If you’ve been lacking a dedicated customer service position or need added support interfacing with customers, a virtual construction assistant can improve your customer service. From answering phone calls to responding to email, virtual assistants are skilled communicators that can handle customer complaints or questions with ease.

Increase in productivity

When your day is freed up thanks to a virtual construction assistant, you’ll have more bandwidth in your day to get more work done. You aren’t the only one that will see benefits, though — your team’s workload will free up with their support.

Don’t take our word for it — our clients have countless success stories that outline the impact they had on their business.

Construction virtual assistant helping a project manager.

How can you hire a virtual construction assistant?

If you’re ready to hire for this position but don’t know where to start, our team can help. We can help you find the best virtual assistant to fit your needs and budget.

We’ll sit down to understand your company’s needs and goals. Then, we’ll go out and recruit some of the top administrative assistants with the skills and expertise you are looking for. We will present two candidates for you to consider, saving you time from interviewing dozens of candidates who are not a good fit.

Once you find the perfect construction virtual assistant, we can help with the onboarding. This will ensure they are set up for success on day one. During the transition phase, we will facilitate a meeting to set expectations and walk through the communication protocol.

Throughout the entire employment period, we’ll work closely with you and the virtual assistant. We will ensure that they are performing to your standards and facilitate check-ins on a regular basis. We’re with you every step of the way — from hiring to onboarding.

Finding the specialized help you need doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Contact us today if you’re considering hiring virtual help or aren’t sure where to start. We’ll walk you through our process and the benefits a virtual construction assistant can bring to your business.

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