How to work with a construction virtual assistant

work with virtual assistant

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we help find, onboard and manage virtual assistants for your construction company. Giving you more time back in your day to work on strategic projects and less time micromanaging your virtual employee.

Consider what you need to out source

Communicate clearly and respectfully

When you work with virtual employees, it’s critical that you and your employee both work to communicate regularly, clearly, and respectfully. Without the benefit of being in person to work through problems or collaborate, it will take extra effort to ensure everyone is clearly aligned on expectation or requirements.

Create a shared record and process documents

You can also request your virtual assistant maintain these types of documents, to prevent them from losing in shuffle. They can track ongoing projects or manage their time card in a shared document that records all their work. 

Having this type of infrastructure will keep your virtual assistant accountable and on track.

At Virtual Construction Assistants, our team can also help liaison between all parties. To confirm the virtual assistant is staying on task and performing up to expectations. We can act as additional HR or manager support. Providing feedback and ways to improve the efficiency of your virtual assistant.

We’ll regularly conduct check-ins with our clients – we want to make sure everyone is happy with the partnership!

Build a strong working relationship

Provide reasonable deadlines

As your construction virtual assistant begins working for you, it’s important to provide clear communication around deadlines. If there are tasks that your virtual assistant is regularly completing, you should make sure they’re equipped with the proper tools and information to complete those tasks. 

If you want them to work on a longer-term project, it can be helpful to set check-in points, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to deadlines and work being done.

Ultimately, if your virtual assistant is not meeting deadlines or struggling to submit work on time, it might be worth having a deeper conversation to understand what prevents on-time work from being delivered. 

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we offer regular check-ins and performance support for our clients, giving them a partner in the management process.

Have the right tools

Generally, the simpler, more streamlined the better when it comes to digital tools. Incorporating too many can cost you unnecessary money and overcomplicate things for your business. 

Make sure your virtual assistant is comfortable with the tools you have in place, and provide opportunities for feedback if something isn’t meeting their business needs.

Whether you’re running a fully virtual company or looking to work with your first construction virtual assistant. It’s crucial to understand how to work with your remote employees. It’s admittedly different than managing an in-person team!

If you’re not sure where to start or need help to outsource your administrative work. Contact our team at Virtual Construction Assistants. We’ll sit down with you during our consultation to fully understand the type of support you need and what your budget is. 

From there, we’ll source the best candidates and present you with multiple options to review.

We’re here as your partner in hiring and managing, keeping your goals central to all of our work. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation!
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