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In the age of remote work, cutting through the noise to find a qualified and trusted virtual assistant is more important than ever. However, knowing where to turn and what to look for in candidates can be a challenge for hiring teams and executives who are not used to finding remote and independent contractors for their construction team.

As you begin the interviewing process, here are some skills and traits to look for in the search for your perfect virtual office assistant.

Then, when you are ready to start hiring, give our team a call.

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1. Deep Knowledge of the Construction Business

A virtual assistant with a deep understanding of the construction industry can be a game-changer. Expertise in project management, familiarity with industry-specific work methodologies, and a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations can be invaluable assets.

Whether it is specific project management experience in the construction industry or an understanding of job costing and financial records, having previous experience working with other construction businesses can be extremely beneficial.

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we are here to connect you with specialized virtual assistants to help with your specific administrative tasks.

2. Understanding of Construction Accounting Software and Business Expenses

Having a deep understanding of bookkeeping and accounting software is also a common skill we help companies hire for. This helps take the financial recordkeeping and management off the executive’s plate and ensures all their financial reports are accurate and up to date. With your direct and indirect costs accounted for, you can make better financial decisions around your labor costs and keep track of cash flow.

The construction industry has a lot of unique and challenging financial record-keeping. With each project being slightly different and billed individually, understanding the different expense categories and project costs and managing a business bank account, it is important to find a virtual construction assistant that can manage all bookkeeping.

If you are planning to hire a virtual assistant for bookkeeping and accounting, prior experience with a construction company’s business expenses can help the assistant get up to speed quickly and make an impact right away. At VCA, we can help you find that candidate. Give our team a call today to get started with your hiring!

3. Strong Communication and Collaboration Skills

When you are hiring a remote office assistant, it is crucial to find someone who is a confident and strong communicator across different platforms. Whether it is email, answering phones or project management, the best assistants can juggle all communication with a professional and fast response efficiently.

Many construction companies use online messaging platforms to keep in touch with their virtual hires, and it is expected that any candidate is comfortable communicating regularly. We can help you feel assured that your office assistant is a fast communicator, ensuring no details are overlooked, and your bookkeeping services are properly managed.

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4. Time Management and Organization

Everyone in the construction industry knows deadlines and staying organized are key skills to keep your construction project running smoothly. The same is expected of a virtual office assistant.

A well-organized virtual construction assistant should be on top of all deadlines, handle multiple aspects of a project and keep everything running smoothly. If they are specifically focused on bookkeeping services, they track business expenses in a timely manner, keep up with accounting period deadlines, and generate financial reports according to your organization’s needs.

5. Problem-solving and Adaptability

Construction projects can often present unexpected challenges. A virtual assistant with top-notch problem-solving skills and a high level of adaptability can make a huge difference.

Whether it is reallocating resources at short notice, managing unexpected incidents, or altering strategies to suit changing scenarios, a flexible and resourceful assistant can help keep the project on track.

How to find a great virtual office assistant for your construction business

Finding a qualified remote office assistant for your construction company can be easier said than done. But that is where our team comes in!

Virtual Construction Assistants can make the process of finding, hiring and onboarding a virtual assistant stress-free. We have extensive experience working with construction businesses to improve their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line.

By partnering with us, you will avoid the time-consuming task of weeding through applications of candidates who do not meet your needs. When you work with us, we will walk you through a simple process:

Recruitment: We get to understand your specific needs and seek out top talent that fits the criteria. Then, we will present two ideal choices for you to interview.

Transition: Our support continues into the onboarding process, ensuring your new assistant starts on the right foot and clearly understands your work culture and expectations.

Services: We do not just stop there! We offer regular communication, performance reviews, and periodic check-ins to ensure your assistant consistently exceeds expectations.

Trust Virtual Construction Assistants as your partner in enhancing productivity and elevating your construction business. Take the next step with us today!

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Use VCA to find qualified office assistant services for your construction company!

Choosing the right virtual assistant can make your construction projects run smoothly and efficiently. By saving on overhead costs and improving your team’s organization, adding a virtual assistant is an investment in your company’s efficiency and bottom line.

Always look for these top skills: profound knowledge of the construction industry, proficiency in construction software and technology, strong communication, time management, organization, problem-solving, and adaptability.

If you are a construction company looking to hire a virtual assistant, we are here to help! Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and learn how we can provide you with a skilled construction virtual assistant.

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Not sure how to find a virtual assistant for your construction company?

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