How Technology Can Help a Virtual Construction Assistant

Virtual Construction Assistants can help you find high-quality virtual assistants for your construction business.

Whether you have been working remotely for years or are just starting your career as a virtual assistant, being comfortable with a wide variety of technology is foundational to working for a business in the construction industry.

Each client we work with has different technology needs and tasks, and similarly, each construction virtual assistant has a different level of comfort with various platforms and services commonly used in remote work and as a construction VA.

If you are looking to work as a virtual assistant (VA) or are interested in hiring a virtual construction assistant for your company, here are some ways to leverage technology to help with responsibilities and tasks.

Technology in the Construction Industry

It is no surprise that as technology has advanced, the construction industry has also increased its adoption of tech-centric tools that focus on increasing efficiency and improving communication.

As complex problems come up, construction companies can use different types of software to work more collaboratively with their virtual assistants. Here are some common types of software and systems you might expect a construction company with a VA to utilize.

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Virtual communication tools

When working with a remote virtual construction assistant, you are not in an office to quickly collaborate on projects or give feedback. That is where different virtual communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts can come in handy.

Being comfortable with written communication is crucial to working remotely. But even more so, being able to properly communicate and respond in a timely manner is a big part of working as a virtual construction assistant. This is important to consider when hiring for VA jobs.

Your construction business can benefit from the support of a construction va.

Calendar and scheduling software

We all know how important deadlines and time management is when it comes to a project in the construction industry.

Helping a business to schedule travel, appointments and important meetings is a common task that virtual assistants help with. It requires excellent time management skills, but also having attention to detail when scheduling and booking through a calendar software.

Being able to use calendar and scheduling software efficiently as a virtual assistant is a big help when keeping your team’s calendar organized and on track.

Task management

Juggling several tasks and projects is an everyday occurrence in the construction industry. To keep track of everything, different software systems can help track responsibilities and project statuses, which many companies use with virtual assistants.

These programs help virtual assistants track the status of tasks and the overall progress of jobs and projects. Think of them as digital whiteboards in your office, where everyone on the team has a clear view of who’s doing what and when things are due. Virtual construction assistants can act as project managers, ensuring up-to-date and accurate deadlines.

These are collaborative and straightforward ways to collaborate virtually and ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to different clients and projects.

Payroll and accounting software

For smaller size construction companies or for teams that do not have a full-time accounting team, a construction virtual assistant can help with financial record management and upkeep.


That is where accounting software can come in handy to manage invoices, track accounts payable, organize taxes, handle employee payroll, and more. These software systems can make the tedious tasks of financial record-keeping more accessible and more efficient, saving time and hassle.


Virtual assistants are often tasked with customer outreach and helping to nurture relationships in the construction industry.

CRM software is now a must-have tool to coordinate interactions with customers and potential customers. These tools help you stay in contact with your clients and grow your business sustainably by helping companies understand their clients better and tailor their offerings to meet their needs.

construction va to help with clients and tasks while on the job

Social media scheduling tools

Gone are the days of manually posting on your Facebook or Instagram page for each post. Now, a virtual assistant can use a social media scheduling tool to help manage your team’s social media presence.

Not only can you schedule posts, but these tools also help you engage with your audience more effectively. This helps you keep a pulse on your customers and focus on creating content they want to see.

Hiring a va for administrative support is great for a business

Benefit of Technology in Construction Companies with Virtual Assistants

If you need help leveraging these tools with virtual assistants, we can help. At Virtual Construction Assistants, we help clients support their teams and hire a virtual assistant to help solve administrative pain points while keeping overhead costs low.

Technology is key to unlocking productivity and training your new virtual assistant. Here are some benefits to using these tools and software with your construction virtual assistant:

  • Better collaboration – Technology and software can really make a difference when it comes to project management and collaboration. Working together with your virtual construction assistant and other team members becomes so much easier and streamlined. Even if you have all the skills you need, the right software can really help your team be the most efficient it can be!
  • Efficiency and communication – Having a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for your business. They can take care of all the boring and repetitive tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on important projects. However, it is crucial to keep in touch with your assistant, and that is where technology comes in handy. By using the latest software and tools, you can maximize your virtual assistant’s efficiency and stay on top of everything they are working on.
  • Better data insights – The software that we have mentioned here not only makes you more efficient, but it can provide insights into your team and finances that can help you make better, more informed decisions.

An administrative va can support a business with tasks and services that focus on managing a project

Let us find you a construction virtual assistant!

At the end of the day, the software your company uses helps to connect your virtual assistant with your team and improve efficiency. Whether you have the latest and greatest tech tools for your team, or are just getting started, we can help you find a virtual assistant to improve your processes and give you time back in your busy schedule.

Virtual Construction Assistants is here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help you find, hire and train a virtual assistant for your construction company.

Hire a virtual assistant manage your construction project from home.

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