Get the Bookkeeping Help You Need With an Administrative Assistant

As a busy business owner, handling invoices, accounting and payroll can feel like an arduous task that takes up time and requires precise attention to detail.

While it’s a crucial part of running a business, you might not feel inclined to hire a full-time accounting professional if you have a small business. You wouldn’t be alone — 48% of small business owners either use an external accountant or do the bookkeeping for their business on their own.

One way to get the help you need without employing a full-time team is to hire a virtual administrative assistant for your construction company. In today’s remote-centric workforce, outsourcing bookkeeping to a virtual assistant can be a practical and cost-efficient way to get the help you need.

How will hiring an administrative assistant for your construction company help? Some clear benefits include:

● You’ll save money – Oftentimes, a business doesn’t need a full-time accounting team but does need help in the bookkeeping department. By hiring a virtual administrative assistant in construction company, you can save money by not hiring a full-time employee but instead paying someone on a contractor or hourly basis. This means you won’t have to shell out money for benefits or office space and instead can reap the benefits of your virtual assistant working remotely on an as-needed basis.

● You’ll stay on top of your payments and bills – As a business owner, your reputation is paramount to your company’s success. A business that can’t pay its bills on time or make payroll every week due to accounting issues is a fast way to tank any positive reputation you’ve built in the industry. When you hire an administrative assistant in construction company, though, one of the main tasks they handle is ensuring your payments are made on time. This ensures all invoices, suppliers and employees are paid promptly.

● You’ll stay organized – While most businesses aren’t using traditional filing cabinets anymore, it’s still crucial for your business to stay organized digitally when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. If you’re having trouble staying organized or maintaining proper records for invoices and payments, a virtual administrative assistant for your construction company can help. Administrative assistants are skilled at staying organized and ensuring a system is in place to track documents like purchase receipts, account information, invoices and more.

● You’ll have an easier time filing taxes – Many business owners who don’t have a dedicated accountant dread tax season. It often means compiling all the previous year’s paperwork and calculating how much is owed on taxes. But, by hiring a virtual

administrative assistant for your accounting, you won’t have to fear the IRS or your annual taxes anymore. An administrative assistant in a construction company can help ensure tax filings are prepared promptly and organized. They’ll make sure your tax returns are accurately filed and give them the attention it requires.

These are just some of the benefits of employing a part-time virtual administrative assistant to help with accounting and bookkeeping. Ultimately, you’ll have more time back in your busy schedule to focus on strategic initiatives while feeling assured that your virtual construction assistant is managing the accounting.

If you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant to help with your bookkeeping, we can help. We will sit down to help understand your needs and find a virtual administrative assistant for your construction company to help. As we go through the hiring process, we look for skilled and trusted administrative assistants as we go through the hiring process. Some of the qualities we look for are:

● Experience with bookkeeping – Of course, one of the main qualities and skills we look for is previous experience with bookkeeping. We especially look for administrative assistants who are comfortable with the construction industry since we understand there are industry-specific nuances in billing and accounting.

● Tech-savvy – Working in a virtual environment requires not just a familiarity with popular bookkeeping technology but true expertise and savviness in digital accounting and bookkeeping programs. We look for candidates that can use a wide variety of software ranging from Quickbooks to Microsoft Excel and others to ensure when they start at your construction company, they’re already well-versed in the software used. Aside from accounting technology, virtual administrative assistants must be skilled in digital communication and excel at staying organized in a remote world.

● Trustworthy – Hiring someone with your company’s accounting and bookkeeping can feel like an exercise in trust. Suddenly, someone is handling your company’s sensitive financial information. Through background checks and references, we ensure the person we’re hiring is trustworthy.

● Attention to detail – Bookkeeping requires a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail, so no mistakes are made. We search for candidates that have an eye for details and take pride in their work so they make fewer mistakes. You want an administrative assistant in a construction company that can focus and complete the task at hand without mistakes. Accuracy is key in bookkeeping and accounting!

Hiring the right candidate can be time-consuming and stressful. But when you work with Virtual Construction Assistants, we’ll help you find the perfect candidate and work closely to help you onboard them and get them situated with your company.

There are a few signs it’s time to hire an administrative assistant for your construction company. If you’re finding that you’re behind on filing your taxes or have a hard time staying on top of your monthly cash flow, hiring a virtual assistant that can help with bookkeeping will ensure your business stays on track. Some other examples include if your financial books are out of date or if completing your own accounting is taking up more time than you’d like.

If this sounds like your business, we can help. At Virtual Construction Assistants, we can help get you the virtual construction assistant to fit your needs and budget, ensuring your business stays on track with its accounting. Ready to get the help you need? Contact us today to get started with hiring the best virtual accounting assistant for your construction company.

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