Top Needed Skills in a Construction Administrative Assistant


Hiring an administrative assistant for your construction company has countless benefits, from growing your business to streamlining your work processes. But it can be challenging to find a talented and reliable individual that fits your specific needs. And have Needed Skills in a Construction Administrative Assistant.

That’s where Virtual Construction Assistants can help. We work with clients to understand their needs and budget. From there we will work to find outstanding administrative assistant candidates that can help you in the areas you need support. With dozens of candidates placed with our clients. We are well versed in what a top candidate looks like and the traits they possess.

After reviewing hundreds of resumes and applications, we know exactly the types of skills that make a great administrative assistant. Here are some key skills we look for when hiring an administrative assistant in a construction company.

Even in a virtual setting, an administrative assistant should exhibit professionalism when talking with colleagues, clients, and customers. This includes being on time for meetings, looking put together on video calls and having a personal space that is conducive to work.

Being able to efficiently communicate across multiple channels is arguably the most important skill for an administrative assistant to exhibit. Working virtually involves copious amounts of written communication to keep all parties aligned. From instant messages to emails to calendar invites, administrative assistants need to be expert written communicators. Additionally, if they’re in a client or customer-facing role. They should feel confident answering the phone or responding to inquiries.

Working remotely as an administrative assistant involves a lot of solo tasks to solve problems and keep the business running smoothly. Virtual construction administrative assistants should show their resourcefulness as they approach problems by working through issues without frequent direction or guidance. 

Being resourceful in your work means illustrating confidence and independence as you work through decisions on your own.

Attention to Detail

When things are chaotic, and there are multiple projects going on, it’s crucial that a construction administrative assistant can pay attention to the details. 

They should be able to complete their work thoroughly, without cutting corners and ensure there are no errors in their final product. A great administrative assistant is not perfect  but they make minimal mistakes thanks to their attention to detail.

Typing and Clerical Skills

Administrative assistants are often responsible for keeping meeting notes, transcribing calls, or sharing agendas ahead of a meeting. This type of record-keeping involves being a fast and accurate typist. Most administrative assistants are able to type at least 60 words per minute. 

The more accurate they are, the more in demand they are with clients. Depending on how much data entry is required, being a fast typist can be a big benefit to the organization.


Being organized is one of the most important traits we look for in our administrative assistant candidates. While there aren’t stacks of papers and filing cabinets in the virtual world, there are still systems and processes that require organization digitally. These clerical duties are crucial to business operations and can cause confusion and mistakes if not taken seriously. 

Organizational skills are crucial for a construction administrative assistant to exhibit. From keeping track of deadlines to staying up to date on projects, an administrative assistant should be able to organize and prioritize the needs and expectations of clients and colleagues.

Problem Solving 

As an administrative assistant in a construction company, you should be able to navigate through a variety of problems that could come your way with ease and confidence. Whether it’s finding a new time for a meeting or managing a customer service issue.

The best administrative assistants can tackle a problem head-on without much guidance or direction. Administrative assistants should be prepared to think creatively and without much direction to tackle any problems without the direction of their managers.


Working virtually without others around requires administrative assistants to perform tasks individually. This means they should be okay with working independently and making appropriate judgment calls as problems or decisions arise.

 If an employee needs a lot of direction or prefers in-person collaborations, it might not be a good fit to work virtually. We see that independent and motivated administrative assistants can have a big impact on the company’s workflow and structure.

Time Management

Busy executives turn to administrative assistants to manage their calendars, book meetings, and schedule travel. This means making sure logistics are manageable, meetings don’t go over their scheduled time, and adjusting agendas if things change at the last minute. 

Skilled administrative assistants in a construction company will ensure things stay according to schedule and manage their own time accurately by working efficiently and staying focused.

Comfortable with Technology

Administrative assistants in a construction company that are working virtually should excel at using various technology tools and platforms. This includes things like Microsoft Office or Google Drive, but it also is beneficial to be well-versed in industry-specific platforms to manage construction projects. 

We look for administrative assistants essential to not only be comfortable using the existing technology out there but also to be open to learning about new tools or platforms depending on the client. 

Having an open mindedness to technology is helpful in streamlining work and creating efficiencies. In a virtual workspace, we look for that knowledge above and beyond the basic level.

Do you exhibit these in-demand skills? Or are you looking to hire someone with these invaluable traits? At Virtual Construction Assistants, we help our clients find the top candidates in the industry. With dozens of administrative assistants placed with construction companies.

We work with clients to understand their needs and find the right talent for the role. Like the best administrative assistants, our team at Virtual Construction Assistants can help make your life easier.

If you’re thinking of becoming an administrative assistant for a construction company, make sure you exhibit the skills mentioned in this article. If not, consider looking into training and resources to become the best virtual assistant you can be.
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