Mastering the Art of Construction Office Management: Essential Traits of a Highly Sought-After Virtual Construction Assistant

Mastering the Art of Construction Office Management


Finding quality help can be challenging, especially when looking for an administrative assistant for a construction company. Administrative assistants are so much more than just your secretary or scheduler. They are an extension of their supervisor and a representative of your company. Ensuring you can hire the right fit is crucial to your business’s success.

You need someone that is reliable and quick, ensuring you stay organized and on top of things. At Virtual Construction Assistants, we can help you find a top-notch administrative assistant for a construction company.

As we comb through applications and conduct interviews, we always look for a handful of qualities when hiring for our clients. Read on to learn about the most important qualities of top administrative assistants that are the most successful with our clients.

They are able to anticipate your needs

A great administrative assistant can anticipate your needs without being asked what to do. Whether ordering lunch before a big meeting or sending out a report. The best admins can gauge what is needed and how they can assist daily without direction. This requires being attuned to the business needs, staying organized, and ensuring deadlines are met without excessive follow-up. They should exhibit good judgment, while also remaining confident and assertive. Being able to anticipate what your supervisor needs can be taught. But you will notice that the most in-demand administrative assistants exhibit it naturally through experience and knowledge of the job.

They’re comfortable using technology

In today’s virtual environment, being comfortable using technology is a must-have skill for our administrative assistants. Gone are the days of filing cabinets and Rolodexes. Instead, we look for employees that are proficient in platforms like Microsoft Office, calendar platforms, and any other administrative software that our clients use.

In a virtual workforce, it’s crucial to have an administrative assistant who is comfortable with the basic platforms like Microsoft Word or Google Drive. But they should also be a skilled communicator in a virtual setting. They should be timely in responding to emails or instant messages and professional in their correspondence. Since you’re not in an office every day, having an assistant that can stay on top of communication will ensure you’re not missing any meetings or important emails.

They are interested in contributing to the company culture

A great administrative assistant will do so much more than the day-to-day tasks asked of them in their role. They’ll also work hard to contribute to the company culture. Whether it’s engaging with other employees or helping plan an office happy hour. A great administrative assistant for a construction company will make a difference in the company’s culture and employee morale. Studies show that companies with a strong culture have higher employee morale and are more productive overall. Make sure you’re hiring someone who can be a cheerleader for your employees and who you feel comfortable being visible throughout the organization.

They’re resourceful

A key skill that the best employees have is knowing when to aks for help or when to solve a problem themselves. As an administrative assistant, this is a crucial skill to exhibit. The top administrative assistants will investigate all possible solutions, then present different ways to solve the issue. Being resourceful and adaptable will be on display and make a big difference when a stressful project appears. They are tasked with a new responsibility.

They are in line with the supervisor’s priorities

Administrative assistants are often seen as extensions of their supervisors. Because of this expectation, the best admins represent their supervisor’s professionalism and attention to detail. They should have strong communication skills, easily navigate interpersonal relationships and approach every problem with a can-do attitude. The best administrative assistants can step in to communicate with clients and help manage projects when their supervisor is out. While experience in construction management is preferred, being able to prioritize projects and demonstrate great customer service will get you a lot of praise in the industry.

They go above and beyond

The best employees will be eager and willing to go above and beyond in their daily functions to improve the company. An example could be taking on additional projects or ensuring they complete tasks well before their deadline. No task should be too small. And they should be willing to take on whatever is needed to help the company run smoothly and efficiently. 

It can be tough in the interview process to determine what kind of employee someone will be. So asking questions grounded in examples and anecdotes can help evaluate a potential employee’s work ethic. Asking if they’re resourceful and a problem-solver can help you get to the root of the type of administrative assistant they’ll be.

They ask for feedback, and improve because of it

The key to improving in any position is asking for feedback and being able to act on any suggestions made. This is not only key to being a great administrative assistant, but it’s extra important in a virtual setting where your interactions have to be more deliberate since communication is done online and not in person. 

Aside from an annual review, a great way to give consistent feedback is having a weekly one-on-one meeting to provide updates on projects while also opening the conversation for feedback and ways to improve. Doing this will ensure that you and your virtual administrative assistant are on the same page regarding the expectations.

As you look for a top-notch administrative assistant, consider the value they’ll bring to your job and the company as a whole. It’s an extremely important role when hiring for your team. We know firsthand how hard it can be to find quality and professional administrative assistants for a construction company

At Virtual Construction Assistants, we’re here to make staffing your company easy and efficient. Contact us to understand better how we can help you hire top talent to grow your team and hire you the best administrative assistant for your construction company.

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