How To Hire a Virtual Assistant

Construction Virtual Assistant

Hiring for any role on your team can be challenging in today’s workforce. That is especially true when looking for a virtual assistant for a construction company. Finding a talented, reliable, and trustworthy virtual assistant. Can take your business to the next level, but hiring the right candidate is important.

Working in a remote environment requires changing some of the ways you interact and work with your team. But with the proper planning and coordination, remote work can be even more beneficial than hiring traditional in-person employees.

If you want to hire a virtual assistant for your construction company but don’t know where to start, we can help. At Virtual Construction Associates, we help clients secure the top virtual assistants for a construction company. Our team can assist in filling specialized and generalist roles across your team.

You should keep some things in mind before hiring a virtual assistant.

Do you have the right tech infrastructure to support virtual work?

Remote work’s popularity is at an all-time high after the pandemic. It allows business owners to lower their overhead by allowing for minimal in-person support and decreases overhead costs. And for employees, there are also dozens of benefits. Like giving them time back to decrease commutes and allowing for a better work-life balance.

But before you start hiring a fully remote team you need to ensure your company has the proper infrastructure to support virtual work. Do you have a digitally-supported business.? You should have a system set up to communicate virtually through email, instant messaging, and other video conferencing platforms to allow for collaboration.

Additionally, you should have the software to allow a virtual assistant for a construction company to manage the workload from the comfort of their home. This includes any project management software or time-tracking platforms that support the remote-work infrastructure.

If you’re unsure what you need to succeed when hiring a remote employee, our team at Virtual Construction Assistants can help provide suggestions for what we recommend.

How do you conduct a remote interview?

If you’ve never interviewed a candidate remotely. You may be unsure what to expect or how it compares to a traditional. In-person job interview. We recommend setting up a 20 or 30-minute video call to speak with the candidate. You should find a quiet place to conduct the interview and ensure your audio and video are clear for the call.

Just as you’d like a candidate to come prepared, it’s important to have a set list of questions to ask the candidate. We like to ask about their previous roles and the scope of their work and try to understand their communication preferences.

Employees that work remotely should have excellent communication skills. And a video interview is a good place to learn more about their communication style in a professional setting.

As you interview candidates, you want to confirm they will fit in with your company culture. And exhibit the skills to complete the specific task you need of them. For example, suppose you need a virtual assistant for your construction company to be answering phone calls and emails. In that case.

They should be confident in professionally communicating with customers or clients. If you need more help with data entry or bookkeeping, it’s helpful to ask questions relating to their skills in that area.

When you work with our team at Virtual Construction Assistants, we’ll take the time and effort to interview candidates for you. Giving you time back in your day to work on more important projects. Once we find the best potential employees for your needs, we’ll present you with the final two candidates. This helps eliminate countless hours sifting through applications and speaking with candidates.

What kind of support do you need?

The great thing about hiring a virtual assistant for your construction company is that they can usually complete a wide range of tasks depending on your needs. Before starting the hiring process, you should consider where you could use additional support so you can cater to the job description accordingly.

If you’re looking for more generalized support, your virtual assistant can help with low-level tasks like calendar management. Coordinating travel, ensuring your inbox is organized, or communicating with vendors or clients. This type of virtual assistant doesn’t necessarily need to have a construction background. But they should have experience with executive assisting or virtual work.

However, at Virtual Construction Assistants, we can also help you find specialized support that is familiar with the construction industry. This type of expertise is more challenging to find, but we work closely to place the best candidates with our clients. 

Construction administrative support could include more crucial tasks like project manager, document control specialist, or social media or marketing help.

By hiring a remote employee, you gain the benefit of expanding your talent pool. And can hire virtual assistants from all across the world. With a bigger range of candidates, you can find a great candidate that fits your needs – even if they’re not in your geographic area. As you interview candidates, ensure they can work the hours or time zone you need.

How do I onboard a new employee in a virtual environment?

Virtual Construction Assistants is there to help. If you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant for your construction company, contact us today to get started with a free consultation. We help clients get support and assistance with their most crucial hiring and administrative tasks, giving them more time back in their day to focus on what really matters.
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