Over the last few years major changes have occurred in the workplace. Two of the most drastic changes have been the influx of people working from home and the massive rise in companies hiring Virtual Assistants. The construction industry is slowly to accept this new idea however the concept is trending. One of the more common tasks that can be outsourced is shop drawing drafting. In this blog we will be discussing shop drawings and how outsourcing this task can be beneficial to your construction company.

What is a Shop Drawing and why is it important?

A shop drawing is a set of schematics that specifies dimensions, manufacturing standards and fabrication requirements for construction building systems components.
The shop drawings that the construction industry are accustomed to seeing are detailed drawings and specifications that show the design intent for a building system that is to be installed. It is important to ensure that each component of the building system is carefully fabricated and installed in compliance with the shop drawings that have been approved by all project team members. Shop drawings provide clear and exact specifications in order to . These are intended to help on-site construction teams with production and installation of the building system. General Contractors, Construction Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Trade Contractors, and other professionals, all heavily rely on shop drawings being detailed and accurate. A good set of detailed shop drawings aids in better coordination among team members.

Why you should outsource Shop Drawings to a Virtual Assistant

Now, going back to hiring Virtual Assistants to provide outsourced shop drawing services. Let us explain in detail and provide an example on how it can make contractors’ lives easier.
For example, a General Contractor or a small company owner may not have the necessary skills or employees on staff needed to prepare accurate shop drawings for a particular system. Hiring a full-time employee is more burdensome than outsourcing this type of task to a Virtual Assistant. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, a company owner simply uses this remote worker as the need for the services arises.

Advantages of Outsourcing Shop Drawings to a Virtual Assistant


The ability to reduce a company’s operational costs is the driving factor behind outsourcing. Here are two things to consider:
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